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我是PMIT,能使用iPhone登录我的PMIT帐号吗?/ I’m PMIT, can I use iPhone to login my PMIT account?

答: PMIT人员请下载Windows客户端,下载完成后使用原有“PMIT帐号”进行登录。暂不支持MAC。
A: Please download Windows version and use your initial “PMIT account” to login. Currently, MAC is not supported for PMIT.

我是顾问,请问该下载哪个客户端?/ I'm a consultant, which version should I download?

答: 顾问可下载MAC、Windows任一版本,使用已开通的“顾问帐号”进行登录。
A: Consultants can download Windows and MAC versions , please use your activated “Consultant account” to login.

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